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My Favourite Wedding Venues

So in no particular order here are my favourite wedding venues to first of all shoot at, be at and attend. The first is The Hartford Country Hotel: This venue for me is an old quaint cozy wedding venue, offering comfort and opulence. It is an incredible venue which offers everyone who attends, guest, bride and


Black Friday Wedding Specials

So in keeping up with the hype as well as keeping up with the Jones’s……Here it is, The Black Friday Specials. Book a wedding and receive 20% off, thats almost R2 500! Specials are valid from this Friday the 25th 2016 till next week Friday the 2nd 2016. So don’t miss out! Follow me on


Intundla Game Lodge – Wedding of Brian and Derryn

Wedding photography taken at Intundla Game Lodge in Pretoria, Gauteng

Brian and Derryn’s wedding was held at Intundla Game Lodge. Although the wedding was on the day of the Cold Play concert we did get treated to a couple of the band’s songs on the night. Here are some wedding photography images from the day. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy  

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