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Hertford Country Hotel – Gill And Fulvio

This is Gill’s and Fulvio’s wedding. And that’s as far as I got so far…….just watching the cursor blink for a while. It’s very difficult trying to describe every wedding you’ve been to, it’s a “well you had to be there” or that private joke which no one gets. It was the most amazing wedding…..…ever.


Toadbury Hall – Mary-Anne And Shane

Today was a good friend of my brothers wedding. Shane and Mary-Anne’s wedding was held at Toadbury Hall Wedding Venue. I found it very unusual shooting my own brother as a best man at this wedding. Anyway, a big congratulations must be said for the newly married couple. I hope you enjoy the wacky pics


Wedding Preshoot – FR And Carli

So today I had the pleasure of photographing FR and Carli at the Groenkloof Nature reserve. After a tree almost rolling on them…..well the day just became more magical, and Im not sure if that was the new found sense of being alive after that but we stumbled on to a really old abandoned train


Le Petite Auberge-Sasha And Bennie

Bennie and Sasha’s wedding was held at the very different Le Petite Auberge wedding venue. This is the first time I’ve shot there and I do hope it’s not the last! It’s a great venue with of small nooks and crannies that for great images. A big thanks must go to Bennie and Sasha for making


Moon And Sixpence – Dillan And Carla

Dillan and Carla’s wedding was held at Moon And Sixpence. One is cool, calm, collected and quiet, the other’s brain is continuously running on over drive, no need to tell who’s who in the pictures. Dillan’s laugh and smile can be seen and heard a mile away. I enjoyed hanging around everyone – the first


Toadbury Hall – Larissa And Darrin

So I have to apologize that this has taken so long to load up. Been a busy time, re-did the kitchen which got finished the morning of Christmas day and then our new baby girl was born on the 18th of Dec! So here is Darren and Larissa’s wedding which was held at Toadbury Hall.


Lechwe Lodge – Anthony And Yolande

A panoramic picture, doritos, vampires and just the wanting to walk around in towels all day……best wedding EVERRRR!! Theres not much I could possibly say, but what a fun wedding. I love a wedding were no one is stressed, every one is just happy. Choosing some images to post was difficult, each photo the smiles


Johannesburg Zoo – Pre-wedding shoot Lezanne and Kobus

Wedding photography pre-wedding shoot taken in Gauteng

Today was Kobus and Lezanne’s pre-wedding shoot at the Johannesburg zoo. Besides the VERY angry swan, the day turned out amazing! A big thanks to the couple for a great day out and for making it such a pleasure to shoot! Here are just a couple of pre-wedding shoot images from the time I spent with the


Moon and Sixpence – Wedding of Schalk and Marlie

Wedding photography taken at Moon and Sixpence wedding venue in Gauteng

Marlie and Schalk’s wedding took place at Moon and Sixpence.  They couldn’t have asked for better weather, but thank goodness it was a late afternoon wedding so we didn’t have to be out in the hot sun! Just want to say a big thanks to the couple for making the day go by really quick and


Memoire – Wedding of Yvette And Mike

Wedding photography taken at Memoire wedding venue in Gauteng

Where does one begin? If you’ve ever shot or attended a wedding at Memoire you’ll know the venue is continuously evolving. Such an amazing venue. Today was Mike and Yvette’s special day. I literally had ten minutes shooting Yvette before we had to rush off to the ceremony.  This was such an enjoyable wedding to

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