My Favourite Wedding Venues

So in no particular order here are my favourite wedding venues to first of all shoot at, be at and attend.

The first is The Hartford Country Hotel: This venue for me is an old quaint cozy wedding venue, offering comfort and opulence. It is an incredible venue which offers everyone who attends, guest, bride and groom fantastic service. You feel that everyone there is working hard to make your day special. I have both photographed and attended as a guest and would highly recommend this venue.

The next venue is Shepstone Gardens: Again I have photographer here on numerous occasions and the service just gets better and better. The owners have travelled a lot and have bought many aspects of different elements from venues all over the globe and implemented it into their design of the venue. From amazing food and venue space you cannot go wrong!

The Stone Cellar is another of my favourite: This venue prides its self on continuously evolving. The owners are a pleasure to work with. This venue for me with outstanding food definitely stands out.

And last but not least, Lace On Timber: This venue from a photographers perspective is the BIG allrounder. Every direction you point your camera the venue just gets better and better. Unfortunately bookings are extremely hard as this venue is fast become popular!! From craft beer to farm style, luxury rooms to large accommodating of guest in the reception hall, this venue is amazing!

So follow the links provided and go check out these places before its too late!!!

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