Green Leaves Wedding Venue – Ivan And Elzeri

Today was Elzeri and Ivan’s big wedding day. So on the day I usually head off to the brides room, I went inside…… and there I found the groom. I was a bit confused as to why he was now in this room? I said howzit, how you feeling? Any nerves? To which he replied: ‘Im not Ivan.’ Shew now I was really confused as I had shot their engagement shoot just the other month! It took a while with some embarrassing questions, but ends up Ivon has an identical twin. The only difference separating them or telling them apart, was the gap in the other brothers teeth……GREAT! Any way I had been looking forward to this day. I’ve never seen some one who has a happy face on ALL the time. Ivan is like a bag full of smiles…..there is never a time he isn’t smiling. What a lucky Bride. What a lovely couple.

Thanks again guys for such a fantastic day. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to leave the couple a comment if you know them. Enjoy!

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