Date archive: February 2013


Hertford Country Hotel – Gill And Fulvio

This is Gill’s and Fulvio’s wedding. And that’s as far as I got so far…….just watching the cursor blink for a while. It’s very difficult trying to describe every wedding you’ve been to, it’s a “well you had to be there” or that private joke which no one gets. It was the most amazing wedding…..…ever.


Toadbury Hall – Mary-Anne And Shane

Today was a good friend of my brothers wedding. Shane and Mary-Anne’s wedding was held at Toadbury Hall Wedding Venue. I found it very unusual shooting my own brother as a best man at this wedding. Anyway, a big congratulations must be said for the newly married couple. I hope you enjoy the wacky pics


Wedding Preshoot – FR And Carli

So today I had the pleasure of photographing FR and Carli at the Groenkloof Nature reserve. After a tree almost rolling on them…..well the day just became more magical, and Im not sure if that was the new found sense of being alive after that but we stumbled on to a really old abandoned train

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